Live Long. Be Strong. Die Mighty!




Welcome to Ep20! This week’s guest is the inimitable Gavin Van Vlack (Owner of Physical Culture Collective, BURN, DVRT Legend). Gavin is a big mentor of mine and is the man that introduced me to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. We had a great time catching up and discussing the pioneers of “odd object” and strength training that grew from the early days of the RKC, playing in the progressive New York Hardcore band BURN (one of my top 3 NYHC bands), transitioning from street fights to martial arts, building a solid team and tons more! Gavin holds nothing back here. 

I’m stoked to announce that we have the songs “Ill Together” and “Do Or Die” from BURN’s latest album Do Or Die for the show. *Keep listening after the end to hear more. 

Head over to and to learn more about training with Gavin and his team at PCC. Go check out for all the latest BURN news, tour info, merch and music

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